Online Poker


Online poker has become more popular in recent years because of the opportunities to play online against each other. The ease of poker in a lazy chair at home and the ability to play against people all over the world has caused many people to hook up here.

Another important reason that many people pick up poker is that it is a challenging game that you can learn a lot about. Besides the knowledge of the ground rules, it has an interesting depth that allows you to perform better than others.

The ability to play with a relatively small bet in large tournaments with a fairly large prize attracts many new players. There are also a number of special examples of players who have come to large live tournaments from low-stakes qualifying tournaments and become a millionaire with them in one fell swoop.

Online Poker websites

There are quite a few poker websites to play with these days. You're probably wondering if there's good and bad among them, and more importantly, are they prone to fraud?

To be honest, the answer to this is not quite straightforward. Websites such as Pokerstars and Full Tilt poker have built up good trust over the past few years as they organize both live tournaments and online tournaments. The reliability of the financial household also seems to be in order and they offer good service in many areas. You have to think of these websites as big companies that can't afford to go through false business.

Many websites also provide text and explanation about how to share fairly and how that is controlled by third parties. Such as the audit of Malta's Gaming Authority. The websites earn their income by collecting a small amount of each bet from participants. For a tournament that costs € 10,- to participate, you pay 10 + 1 = € 11. This is also called the rake.

However, if 1000 people participate, there is only 1000 x 10 = € 10,000 for the winners, - in the pot. Many people do not mind, because if you win you usually receive a percentage of around 15% of the pot. In this case, on average € 1500, -. Then the extra euro bet doesn't really matter.

But there are also websites where you will have to scratch your ear just as well in advance. You get to see some of those online casino-like pop-ups or ads that show you uncertainty about reliability. Especially if a combination is made with an online casino, we do not recommend playing here. At least – not for money. For example, Online Casino Ground has a lot of free casino games. Slot machines, bingo and with the mentioned link you can of course play many free poker games.  Jacks or Better of Caribbean poker are some examples. Not for everyone as cute as Texas Hold ' em, but you won't lose any money! If you do want to play at an online casino, you can take a look at the reviews at Online Casino Ground.

Online poker rigged

A discussion that is sometimes heated is whether a website is 'Rigged'. That is to say, they put the cards in a certain order or knowingly share certain hands with certain people. This could be an advantage or a disadvantage to someone and the course of the game is deliberately influenced. This while it is often not consciously done, but there is a leak in the system. As the linked article shows, the name of a benevolent website can be damaged by criminals and the players there can be severely duped. Even at Pokerstars!

First of all, it is said that the poker website does not care who wins, because they do not play themselves. Then what would be the reason for tampering with cards? In addition, they explain how they deal with this and there are instances that control it (as far as possible).

On the other hand, there may be a hidden goal of a poker website to generate a lot of bets and a lot of tournaments. If you generate a lot of interesting hands, there will be more playing and winning or losing faster.

Another thought is that you keep more customers when you let someone have just a little bit more luck or even win.

In general, it is your choice to play online. To learn the game and play for free, free tournaments and games are organized. It is also always wise to master the poker before you consider playing with Real Money. It's a very nice game, but there's a lot more to it. Pokerstars is still a reliable site, but use your common sense when you see crazy patterns. Players who keep winning can't be good. In that case, contact the help desk immediately. But, if you want to play online poker somewhere, Pokerstars is still the best.