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Screenshots Poker is not one of the most popular online pokers rooms but it actually has a lot to offer such as excellent bonuses, very good tournaments and a lot of promotions. You can visit the site at for more information and contact them directly from the site. Overall, it is one of the best-kept secrets of online poker!

The standard bonus is up to $650, and if you are looking for a Sportsbook poker reload bonus code, you can use this to receive the bonus at any time and still play on the same network and against the same players.

Players from the United States are allowed on this site and it is very easy to make a deposit using a credit card such as Visa or Mastercard, which we used without any problems.

Superbook Poker Table Review

The graphics and design of the table is much better than expected and is very playable. In fact it uses the same software, ‘Cake Gaming’ as Sportsbook Poker and even shares the same player traffic, which is good news as the skill level of the players is well below average! Here is a screenshot of the Superbook Poker Tables.

The quality of the graphics is good and avoids the childish cartoon style characters of some other sites. The features are also high quality and include:

Note Taking – players can take notes as they play.

Hand History – players can see a full history of the hands they have played

All Standard Buttons – including those to increase the speed of play such as ‘auto-muck’.

Well organised, with a layout, which will be familiar to regular players and easy for newcomers to learn.

Overall the table is easy to navigate and provides for a pleasant gaming experience.

The Poker Lobby

Navigation in the ‘lobby’ is easy and efficient with excellent filter functionality that enables you to easily locate specific stakes and games with ease. You can also view a variety of table statistics such as viewed-flop percentages and average pot sizes and though this site does not offer any features, which puts it ahead of the competition, neither does it lack anything seen on any other gaming site.

Superbook Bonus Codes and Details offers good bonus promotions, currently 100% bonus to your deposit up to $650, of which $0.6 will be given for every frequent player point you earn and thereafter will be released to you in increments of $10. Therefore the more you play, the faster you will receive your bonus. The bonus is valid for 90 days, so it is easily achievable to receive the full amount if you a regular player, even is you are only playing low stakes.

Sportsbook Poker Reload Bonus

For those looking for a Poker reload that are normally only available during certain promotions, you can receive this at any time by downloading As both sites utilize the same network, they are essentially software ‘skins’, you can receive your new bonus and play on the exact same tables and against the same players as There is no limitation on opening an account on both sites, so this is an incredibly easy way to receive the reload bonus.

Player Loyalty Rewards

One Superbook Poker feature that is certainly unique is the rewards programme that is offered to frequent players. Players receive Frequent Player Points (FPP) every time they play and the more points you accumulate, the greater the rewards. One such reward is the gold chips, which you receive upon reaching a certain amount of FPP. You can use the gold chip to enter weekly tournaments with a chance to win prizes.

Superbook Poker Games Offered

Poker games offered are Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud, all offered in a number of variations. The game selection is good and includes the below, though a greater variety of games offered would be a significant improvement.

Superbook Casino – blackjack, three card poker, Blackjack Switch, Casino Hold’Em, video poker, slots, roulette, craps and a whole lot more

Superbook Sportsbook – (Football, Baseball, NASCAR, Golf, Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Auto Racing and Exotics

Superbook Poker – Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha 8, Seven Card Stud

Traffic Levels

Traffic at the site is good and you will not have any problem finding a game from low stakes $.05/$.10 to $10/$20 at almost any time and in peak hours there are usually upwards of 10 no-limit Texas Hold’em games at all levels. Naturally, it is not as busy for games like Omaha but that is the case for all other gaming sites. Also in common with other gaming sites is that there are fewer games at the higher levels but you will still see 4 or 5 full tables at $5/$10 levels. Six player games are very popular on this site and generally they see more traffic than the full ring games. In summary, the traffic is not that of the biggest sites such as, but it is certainly busier than the likes of

Competition – Fish Factor at Superbook

Superbook has a well known reputation for having many below average and inexperienced poker players and at all levels the competition is very weak. For example, viewed flop percentages for a 9-player game is often higher than 40% and pots often twenty times bigger than the big blind. It is probable that a lot of inexperienced players come through from their sports book, but whatever the reason is definitely one of the best poker rooms on the web if you are looking for weak competition.

Poker Tournaments

Superbook tournaments are particularly popular and during peak hours it is normal to see about 8,000 players playing in at least 4 multi-table major tournaments. Normally, at least 2 an hour are guaranteed events with prize pots from $5,000 to $25,000 and every Sunday there is a $75,000 guaranteed tournament with a $100 buy-in. If you are looking for a higher standard of play, then that can certainly be found in tournaments at the bigger sites. Of course, playing against weaker opposition does have its attractions, it all depends on what level of challenge you are looking for! There are also some good free roll tournaments on offer; the FPP tournament previously mentioned is one of the best of these. Finally you can always find a sit-n-go tournament, with a range of buy-ins, at virtually anytime.

Deposit Options

Superbook has a variety of deposit options and they do accept all U.S. credit cards, which they say, should never be blocked even if they have at other poker sites. Players can also make cash transfers from a host of different places, which are constantly changing. Keep checking the site for the most up to date deposit instructions and the minimum deposit is $20.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Superbook provides a good poker room and does in fact surpass expectations. It is not yet that well know, but it is well branded for future growth and is on a rapidly expanding poker network. What it may lack compared to some of the bigger sites (more players for example) is amply compensated for by the weak standard of the competition and the excellent deposit bonuses on offer. In addition, the site is very U.S. friendly and is one of the easiest on which to make a deposit or withdrawal.