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Pacific Poker is a potentially profitable place to play online hold’em because the competition is easier than at most site. However, Pacific Poker’s rake structure, one of the worst of any online card-room, can result in many of the extra profits bleeding away in rake.

Though their software used to be fairly poor, it has improved significantly and now includes player avatars in 3-D. Additionally, they have translated their software into German, Swedish, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese. This online poker review examines some of the site’s distinguishing features.


Pacific Poker offers our readers a first-time deposit bonus of 111%, up to $444. This bonus can only be acquired by signing up at Pacific through a link from PokerTips.

Up to $144 of the bonus is released to the account immediately, making this first time deposit bonus nice than those offered at many other sites.

To receive the remaining $300, a pending bonus that expires 30 days after the first deposit, the player must collect 14 comp points for every $1 in bonus money. Earning the necessary comp points is not too difficult in mid- to high-stakes online hold’em games; however, small-stakes players might find it difficult to earn enough comp points within 30 days.


Pacific Poker offers jackpots for both high hands and bad beats. A player wins the bad beat jackpot by losing with four-of-a-kind 8s or better and wins the high hand jackpot with four-of-a-kind and straight flushes. In order to win the entire high hand jackpot, a player needs a spade Royal Flush. Winning hands for all jackpot promotions must be made using both hole cards.

Additionally, Pacific Poker gives bonus dollars just for playing. For every $10 wagered, one point is earned. For every 100 points, a free dollar is earned. Though this bonus means little for lower limit players, this is a very nice feature for higher limit players.


The soft, frequent, and cheap tournaments make Pacific Poker a small stakes tournament player’s paradise. Lately, the site has featured consistent overlays in regularly scheduled tournaments with guaranteed prize pools. Very few strong players mop up the money because only a small number of large buy-in tournaments are offered on the site.

Pacific Poker holds a $88+$8 buy-in $80,000 guaranteed event every Sunday. While most other sites have 9-10 handed sit-n-gos, the most popular sit-n-gos on this site are played 3-6 handed.


Software is available in Java and downloadable form. Pacific Poker is one of the few poker rooms Mac users can use without getting a program like Virtual PC.

Presently, the software interface is decent, a significant improvement that has come about fairly recently. 3-D avatars now enhance the site’s visual appeal, and the lobby was recently upgraded. It now features an improved game filter as well as easier access to account balance information.

In the past, players have experienced problems getting disconnected from Pacific Poker’s servers.


Pacific Poker charges a higher rake than most other online poker rooms. In place of the standard 5% up to $3 rake, Pacific has a maximum rake of $4 in limit games of $3-$6 to $30-$60 and for all no-limit and pot-limit games. Furthermore, while most poker rooms cap the rake at $2 for 4- or 5-handed games, Pacific caps the rake at $2.50.

Table Statistics

One nice feature of the site is that Pacific Poker displays the flop % and average pot.

Competition Level

According to this online poker review, the main reason to play online hold’em at Pacific Poker is the soft competition. Here, the players are fishier than at most other sites. There are some maniacs and many calling stations which may skyrocket the frustration level if your premium hands are cracked. You might be able to profit consistently from this site if you can put up with their poor rake structure and customer support.

Customer Service

Pacific Poker’s customer service is available over the phone and through email. Though they adequately answer basic questions, they are pretty bad at dealing with more complicated matters. Another problem with customer service is that they take a long time to respond to emails. Beware that if you have any major problems, you will not be dealing with the most knowledgeable or helpful support staff.

Ring Games Offered

Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, 7-stud, 7-stud hi-lo

Fixed Limits: $.02-$.04 to $75-$150

NL & PL Blinds: $.01-$.02 to $10-$20

Tournaments Offered

Both Single-Table and Multi-Table

Single-Table: $0.25 to $750

Multi-Table: $0.01 to $215

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